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General Education program is meant to help students explore and integrate information beyond the specific focus of their majors.

The program of Jin-Wen University general education is in line with ‘technical education for professionals’ and to cultivate matured personality, ratchet upward learning horizons and establish the foundation of lifelong learning. The program beefs up the university’s overall competitiveness by infusing composite general courses to skilled trainees.  The success of general education is not only about bringing courses into forces, but more importantly, the positive imperceptible influence of campus culture.

The general education center though belongs to academic branch of Jin-Wen University it is shouldered administrative task in charge of curriculum development including courses design, faculty arrangements, programs facilitation and research works.


Curriculum framework:

In Jin-Wen University, the program of general education consists of four categories, namely, Basic General Courses, Core General Courses, Intellectual Courses and the Others; the former two categories are mandatory while the rest elective.  Students for graduate purpose are required to receive at least 33-credit hours in total (note: starting from academic year 100, basic general courses for daytime refreshments have added an extra one-credit course “Life of Jin-Wen”).


Basic General Courses need attain minimum 18 credits, 18 hours, in total, including:

(a)     Chinese Literature and Selective Studies, 6 credits, targeting at enhancing Mandarin ability and cultural elements.

(b)    English, 8 credits, targeting at improving students’ basic foreign language proficiency.

(c)     General Introduction to History and Culture, 2 credits, aiming at valuing the importance of history study so as to enrich students’ knowledge with the past and strengthen their capability of incisive independent thinking.

(d)    Constitution and National Development, 2 credits, enabling students to act as a responsible citizen and kindling their ardor to contribute themselves to the society and those in needs.


Core General Courses require 4 credits, 4 hours in total, including:

(a)  Career Planning and Ethics, 2 credits, targeting at self-exploring and then facilitating students’ better individual career planning.

(b) Life Care and Holistic Education, 2 credits, targeting at leading students to know the right notion of life, and emphasizing on full and harmonized development of body, heart and soul.


Intellectual Courses, 8 credits, 8 hours, compose of four areas.

A. Health and Recreation

B. Humanities and Art

C. Social Science

D. Natural Science.

The category offers students an array of interesting courses to choose from for every semester.  Each academic department may infuse and integrate related specialties to the category for 2 credits; the other 6 credit hours remain for general education center to provide.

Other General Courses require students to take 6 hours participation without credits. The none-credit category includes:

Physical Education, 6 hours, offering facilities and encouraging students’ to make exercise and stay in good health.


The General Education Center prepares and issues White Paper for program of Basic General Courses and Core General Courses, such as Chinese Literature and Selective Studies, General Introduction to History and Culture, Constitution and National Development, Career Planning and Ethics, Life Care and Holistic Education.  Faculty should educate students in accordance with the White Paper and so evaluate students’ performance as guideline.


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